Atlanta Aquarium Services

We offer you a range of services when it comes to creating custom aquariums and ponds for your business or home. We have over 27 years of experience in what we do, and we have a team of designers and builder who will specialize in creating top custom aquariums for homes and business. So now you can enhance your home or business with one of our custom aquariums.

Aquarium Services

Custom Aquariums And Fish Tanks – Our main specialty is custom aquariums and fish tanks for your home or business. We have a talented aquarium design team who have designed numerous aquariums, and they will design yours as well. They can do both custom acrylic aquariums and custom glass aquariums.

Aquarium Maintenance – We can also help you when it comes to aquarium maintenance. Our aquarium maintenance tasks can include aquarium cleaning, water changing, water testing, equipment maintenance, and more. We can also give you advice if you want to do aquarium maintenance yourself.

Aquarium Supplies – We offer you a range of aquarium supplies, all of which are high quality. We have all the supplies you want, whether you need a new aquarium filter, aquarium heater, or anything else.

Aquarium Accessories – We also have high quality aquarium accessories, allowing you to make your aquarium look unique over all other aquariums.

Aquarium Maintenance
Pond Maintenance

Pond Services

In addition to aquariums we also do outdoor ponds, where we will work with you at every step of the way to create the most beautiful koi fish pond for your business or home.

Koi Pond Design – We have a talented pond design team who will help you to design and build the best koi fish pond for your business or home.

Koi Pond Maintenance – Koi pond maintenance can take up a lot of your time, which is why we have a koi pond maintenance service that will come to your business or home and do it for you, saving you time and troubles.

Koi Pond Supplies – We stock a wide range of koi pond supplies, especially when it comes to pond filters. Our supplies are the highest of quality, and will help your koi fish pond to function properly.

Commercial Aquarium Design

Commercial Aquarium

Let us help you build your commercial aquarium. With our help you’ll be able to create a peaceful and tranquil environment in your surgery, office, or whatever commercial premises you have. Our team are creative and talented, and they have worked on a large number of commercial aquariums before.

Residential Aquariums

Let us help you when it comes to residential aquariums. With our help you’ll make your home look and feel a whole lot better, and impress your visitors with your new aquarium. Our talented team are experienced when it comes to residential aquariums, and they will use this experience to create the perfect residential aquarium for you.

Talk to us now for custom aquariums and pond design. We’ll help you with aquarium and pond design, maintenance, and supplies.

Residential Aquariums