Atlanta About Us

We are an experienced team who provides Atlanta with custom aquarium services. Whether you want aquarium design, maintenance, or accessories we have the services that are right for you. Now you can create the perfect aquarium for your business or home. We have been in the aquarium design business for 27 years, and we have a long list of satisfied business and home owners. So let us design your perfect aquarium make you happy as well.

Aquarium Design, Maintenance and Accessories

We like to help you when it comes to custom built aquariums for your home or business, because custom aquarium design is our main specialty. We will help you right from the beginning, from designing your aquarium, building your aquarium, and installing your aquarium. We do aquariums of all types, whether it comes to custom acrylic aquariums or custom glass aquariums. We have a talented and creative design team on hand, and we have been helping homes and businesses with custom aquariums for over 27 years.

Aquarium Maintenance – We have an aquarium maintenance service, where our team will clean and maintain your aquarium for you. With these services your aquarium will look beautiful and function better for longer. Our aquarium maintenance tasks include water changing, water testing, equipment maintenance, and a whole lot more.

Aquarium Accessories – We also stock a range of aquarium accessories to help your aquarium to function better, and so you can personalize your aquarium to create the perfect aquarium for you. All of our aquarium accessories are of high quality, and all will last you a long time.


Koi Pond Design, Maintenance And Accessories

In addition to aquariums we do outdoor ponds. Just like with aquariums, we help you at all stages of the process, and our talented and experienced pond design team will do ponds of all types.

Koi Pond Maintenance – We have a special koi pond maintenance team who can help you with maintenance jobs of all types, and give you the right advice on how you can keep your pond maintained at all times. With our help your pond will be cleaner, look more amazing, and will function better for longer without your fish dying.

Koi Pond Accessories – We also have a range of koi pond accessories to make your pond look more personalized, and to make it function like it should. We make sure that we only stock accessories from high quality suppliers, so we only get the best products for you.

When you’re ready to make use of our Atlanta custom aquarium services,get in touch with us and have all your questions answered.